Founded in 2009, with established headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

• Strategic situation facilitating its operations in Russia and Eastern Europian countries.

• Prestigious professionals with specialization and extensive experience in energy efficiency and safety in diverse environmental and remediation sectors.

• Affiliated companies in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Brazil, United States and Canada.

• Providing solutions in diverse languages, with the necessary local presence and international experience to guarantee an efficient deployment of every project.


• ITC – INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CENTRE is a Serbian company offering the best opportunities in virtually all aspects of site management.

• Assuring remediation of soil and water contaminated by hydrocarbons, heavy metals and any other chemical or organic pollutants.

• Providing better risk characterization to support:

1) Optimal remediation selection and design (before)

2) Remediation performance monitoring and optimization (during)

3) Long-term monitoring (post)

• Operating in consortium with reputed international companies, specialized in the implementation of specific environmental remediation processes.

• Offering advanced and innovative solutions in energy efficiency, passive and active fire protection, reducing maintenance costs, safety, personal protection and various industrial technologies.


• To make the Earth more clean, breathable and safe.

• To make human beings more safe, healthy and strong.

• To promote our partners to strong and prosperous companies powered by clean, affordable and secure energy.

• Promoting adoption of energy efficient equipments and appliances through innovative business models.

• Increasing the confidence of financial institutions and investors to support energy efficiency, safe and less hazard initiatives.

• Creating and sustain leadership of our partners in the transition to a global clean energy economy.

• Reducing the burden on the natural resources of the Earth.

• Improving the level of technology in an industrial and civil society.


• Ultra-thin liquid ceramic insulation, tested and proven by thousands of clients and more than 25 laboratories all over the world.

• High-performance coatings specifically designed to eliminate unwanted sound and vibration in industrial and civil engineering.

• Unique active, passive and preventive fire protection solutions providing unrivaled technologies in the world.

• Unique rehabilitation and online monitoring of all type tank and sewage systems with proprietary, patented epoxy resins, as well as high-tech engineering.

• Own technologies and specific programs to block and remove hydrocarbon’s contamination.

• More accurate characterization, reducing remediation projects price by a clear mapping of the existing contamination.

• Design remediation plan, in-situ measurements of contaminants.

• Determine remediation urgencies and priority source zones, localizing most hazardous sources, and most efficient removal.

• Coordination with our customers and affiliated companies to launch the selected remediation process.

• Establishment and deployment of chosen remediation process.

• Follow up of remediation efficiency, monitoring the pollutant load decrease.

• Risk-based management of contamination, when the complete contamination is technically and economically impossible.

• Moisture cure urethane aluminium high-performance coating designed to give you unsurpassed performance over hand tool cleaned and marginally prepared surfaces.